Autism Awareness Bath Bomb

  • $8.00

The autism awareness bath bomb is scented in a fun nostalgic aroma of blue raspberry, which is blue slushie!   . Something that any child or adult would love. This is also a great way to support the local autism community. Funds from the sale of these bath bombs will go directly back into the community and help families like Audrey.  This years organization is (ARLA) Autism resources of Lennox and Addington.  


Hi, I’m Audrey, Jacob's mom; and this is our story. Jacob is a fun loving, smart, wild and happy little boy. In December of 2020, Jacob was diagnosed with autism. He classifies as a nonverbal communicator, which means he cannot use his voice to express himself. Instead, we use pictures and objects to identify his wants and needs. Recently, Jacob was given a chance to participate in an 8-week speech program called More than Words in Kingston, Ontario. This program has had a dramatic effect on the way we interact with our son and we have seen tremendous growth in his ability to communicate with us.

Programs, educational sessions and community awareness are made possible due to the hard work of Autism Ontario. This organization helps families get the support they need, for not only children, but for parents going through this journey as well.

Autism is a challenging and rewarding voyage. One that doesn’t come with an instruction guide, or even a clear end goal. Each individual and family faces their own unique challenges that can only be helped by a community of support, love, and understanding.

This is why I am reaching out to you today. Based on our success with Jacob in this program and the difference it has made in our lives, we want to do our part to give back. Our hope is that with the support of our community and those willing to donate we will be able to increase the accessibility of more programs so we can help more families thrive.

By purchasing one of our charity bombs you can enjoy a relaxing bath knowing you have been part of changing a family’s life for the better!

Splish, splash and enjoy a bath, all while supporting a great cause.
At the end of the day, by giving children the support they need to be successful there is no telling how much they will be able to accomplish.

Remember, “Children with autism are colourful - they are often very beautiful, and like the rainbow, they stand out” - Adele Devine.

Let’s help them do this!